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The Power of Play: Choosing the Best Toys for Your Kids

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There’s nothing quite like the joy and wonder of searching through the brightly colored shelves of a specialty toy store, deciding which of the enticing packages will be the best fit for your child to enjoy. The options are only increasing, and it can be tricky to pinpoint which toys will inspire and engage your child’s interests, grow with them, and create lasting memories for your family.

As adults, it’s important that we encourage and facilitate purposeful play through the experiences we create for our kids and the toys we put in front of them. Playtime offers an unbounded opportunity for big thinkers to get creative, discover their interests, and develop new skills!

How can you tell which toys are high quality and which will last? Which will engage your child’s interest for more than a few days or weeks? Which will support exploration and purposeful play?

Multifunctional toys offer different ways to be enjoyed; this keeps playtime exciting and engaging in different settings and over longer periods of time!

Expert Tip:

Toys that are waterproof can be used indoors and outdoors; offering hours of utility whether your family goes out for a sunny pool day or stays in for a rainy afternoon. 


The playtime possibilities are endless with this fully-equipt deep-space mission set! The rocket has a large door that doubles as steps into the main cavity, while the detachable nose cone capsule has its own door that opens to reveal buttons, dials, and the signature Green Toys 8-track. This set also includes two astronauts that sport molded spacesuits, helmets, and dual-tank backpacks. We love that it’s all made of 100% recycled plastic and dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up after long days of indoor/outdoor play!

Expert Tip:

Toys that can be used in different ways are sure to please explorers of all ages. 


Playtime will literally race to all-time highs on the fast-track with this custom car set!

As shown above, these parts can be reconfigured to build ten unique realistic models including a high-speed race car, off-road buggy, go-cart, pickup truck, SUV, dragster, hot hatch, semi-trailer truck, super car, and hot rod. One they’re built, the transmission gears can be easily reoriented to change the gear ratio, optimizing speed or torque when tested with the precision steering mechanism!

Expert tip:

When shopping for an older child, it’s especially effective to seek out toys that offer different phases of play that build upon one another.


This tumbling hedgehog set includes all your child will need to assemble, program, and train a real robot that resembles a cute hedgehog!

Once the family’s new pet is assembled, it can be programmed using its built-in sound sensor. In response to different sounds and claps; the hedgehog will learn to tumble about, roll into a ball, spin around, bristle its spines, act playfully, and scurry around.

One of the most powerful benefits of play is the opportunity for supportive communication and strengthening of relationships. Toys that can be enjoyed individually and in dynamic cross-generational play are best for fostering these meaningful interactions.

Expert tip:

Look for toys that can be enjoyed by kids of different age groups to engage siblings and cousins in group play!


This hands-on challenge will engage big thinkers of all ages to send the launch balls flying toward goal cups and targets with the help of a three-piece adjustable pendulum. The included challenge prompts encourage teamwork-style problem-solving with increasingly mind-boggling levels!

Expert tip:

Playing with other children may be fun, but nothing beats the joy and satisfaction of playing with a parent. Get the whole family involved during playtime for a joyous disconnect for adults and thrilling treat for the kiddos! 

Studies have suggested that parent-child play offers developmental benefits too; these interactions first catalyze a child’s development of new skills and playing with their friends or siblings helps consolidate those skills.


Every budding scientist needs a fully-equipped workbench and a trusty sidekick to assist in their big projects!

Join your future innovator in building unique machines according to the provided guides and share some inspiration prompts for outside-the-box inventions.


Who doesn’t love a good magic show? Aspiring magicians of all ages can learn over twenty different tricks using this introductory magic kit! Join your kids in practicing and performing their first magic shows to experience the creativity-stimulating, confidence-building power of play.

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