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Let’s Get Physical! At Home Activities for the Whole Family

By May 1, 2020 No Comments

Looking for fun ways to keep the family, especially the kids, entertained and healthy is on all of our minds. Physical games benefit both the mind and body not to mention strengthen our relationships. Best memory maker, guaranteed!

Try these ideas to create some great moments at home!

1. Jumping Jacks Battle

Take turns and give each participant 60 seconds to do as many jumping jacks as possible.

2. Balance Beam Dare

Use masking tape to make a line on the ground and have fun! The dare composes of walking to the end of the masking tape line only… without stepping off. You can try different angles, spirals, and zig-zags. Step it up by seeing who can walk the line the fastest, walk it heel-to-toe, walk it backwards, with eyes closed, and jump down the line.

3. Balloon Showdown

Be prepared as this will get rambunctious! This can definitely be one of the rowdier physical fitness games. Simply blow up a balloon and give each family member 1 minute to keep the balloon from touching the floor. What fun for everyone!

4. Dancing Duel

No real explanation needed here. Turn up the music and have a dance party! A fun variation is to choose one family member to be the DJ and start and stop the music and the rest freeze when the music stops. This is a sure laugh fest maker!

5. Simon Says Championship

Make one family member be Simon. Simon either begins a command with “Simon Says” or not. To stay in the game, everyone only must follow the commands that begin with “Simon Says”. If you want to make the game difficult, simply issue commands faster and faster, and make the needed actions more and more difficult to complete.

6. Jammin’ Hot Potato Event

Giggles! Giggles! Giggles! Choose who will be the DJ. Sit or stand in a circle, get a soft ball, small stuffed animal, or a rolled-up sock and turn up the music. Toss the item to someone else as quickly as possible. Everyone repeats this until the DJ turns off the music. The person holding the item when the music gets shut off is out. The last one standing WINS!

7. Tackle the Handstands

Assistant may be needed so be ready to lend a helping hand! Choose a sturdy wall or have mom or dad act like the wall and hold up the ankles. See if everyone can stay in handstand mode for 15 seconds.

8. Get Movin’

Sprint from one spot to another. Time each participant or have 2 people sprint against each other at a time.

9./10. Outdoor Challenge Course FINALE

Here are some ideas for some fun challenges:

  • Lay down a ladder and have the kids step through each rung.
  • Allow only jumping/skipping/bear crawling/somersaulting/crawling/crab walking from one area of the course to another.
  • Perform various exercises like 20 sit-ups, 5 push-ups.
  • Use water squirt guns to hit targets.
  • Fill up a cup of water, run a distance to another container, pour the water in the container, and repeat this until they fill up the container to a certain height.

Have fun! Get moving! Enjoy the family!

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