In response to the public health and safety guidelines that have been issued by experts in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person summer camp for summer 2020 has been cancelled. Alternatively, we are offering Virtual Science camp

Each week is loaded with engaging, fun and hands-on science activities. Always taught by our amazing team of Lab Instructors!

→ June 9 & 11: Eco Kids (Environmental Science)

→ June 16 & 18: Art of Science (Art/Chemistry)

→ June 23 & 25: Let’s Build (Engineering)

→ June 30 & July 2: A Closer Look (Biology)

Camp meets on selected days from 10:30am-11:30am. Ideal for scientists 7-10 years old. Spots will be limited, please register early.

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Cost: $50/week (cost is per scientist)

Please gather the materials needed for your week(s) of choice. See list of materials (easy to find and few) below. The link to join in the fun will be sent the day prior to camp!

Materials Needed

Tuesday, 6/9: Scientists will need a standard paper carton or large plastic bottle, a craft stick or wooden dowel, bird seed, string or twine, permanent markers or painting supplies, a pen, scissors, dirt, a seed of any kind, a small cup or planter, water, and a shovel or large spoon.

Thursday, 6/11: Scientists will need 2 small cardboard tubes (toilet paper rolls or one halved paper towel roll), scissors, glue, string, construction paper or desired color, a hole puncher, an empty two-liter plastic bottle (or a comparable, transparent alternative), clean pebbles, masking tape, water, a ruler, and a permanent marker.

Tuesday, 6/16: Scientists will need 2-3 paper towel sheets, 4 small cups, water, 2+ colors of food dye, white paper, a ruler, a pencil, assorted markers and colored pencils.

Thursday, 6/18: Scientists will need 2+ sheets of cardstock, a ruler, scissors, a pencil, clear tape, white paper, and colored pencils.

Tuesday, 6/23: Scientists will need 5-7 straws, colored pencils or assorted markers, scissors, clear tape, an unsharpened pencil, string, one sheet of cardstock.

Thursday, 6/25: Scientists will need 2 paper or plastic cups, string, 4 paper clips, scissors, a balloon, 2 straws, 4 lifesaver candies, 1 sheet of paper, and masking tape.

Tuesday, 6/30: Scientists will need an empty single-use bag (ex. trash or grocery bag), scissors, string, hole puncher, paper clips, a paper or plastic cup, modeling clay or play-doh, cotton swabs, a ruler and 2 metal spoons of different sizes.

Thursday, 7/2: Scientists will need a small stuffed animal or figurine, assorted building materials (ideas: paper or plastic bags, recycled cardboard, straws, sponges, aluminum foil, etc), a pencil, scissors, masking tape, pipe cleaners, beads, a ruler, white glue, a small mixing bowl, a craft stick or spoon, saline solution, green food coloring, baking soda, and a pitcher or glass jar.