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How to Choose the Right Camp for Your Kids

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Choosing the right camp for our kids may feel like a daunting task. Knowing what to look for makes the process more enjoyable and results in happy campers all summer.

  1. It’s About Your Child. Knowing your child’s interest is essential to ensuring the best summer for your family. A well-balanced camp will keep campers engaged. The camp that offers a specialization such as science, art, dance, sports, etc. but also blends in other interactive activities makes for a more exciting day in the end. Your child’s personality is important. Is your child mainly an extrovert or an introvert? This will reveal whether your child will enjoy a larger camp vs. a smaller setting. Ask to see the schedule for the day as it will show productive use of time.
  2. Specialty Camp. It is true that today’s choices are enormously varied. There are camps for almost every interest and discipline possible. There is a difference and knowing what to look for when choosing a specialty camp is key. True specialty camps will go beyond expectations to offer a special experience for their campers… something unique that they will not get elsewhere. The right specialty camp will have experts in their respective field working with your kids. Also, look for a curriculum-based camp, meaning there were experts in the area planning purposeful activities for kids and not off the cuff planning. You’re looking for a purposeful experience for your child and money well spent. You are investing on your child.
  3. Safety. Whether it’s how a camp handles allergies, drop off/pick up, hiring and training of staff, you need to ask the right questions. Find a camp that has clear security measures in place. A good camp will be accessible and happy to share the camp’s policies. If you notice the camp cannot answer your security questions, then you might consider looking for a different camp. Well-enforced allergy restrictions are important as well. The right camp will make the provisions necessary ensuring the safety and well-being of all children. Staff is important, check out who will be working with your child. The right camp will have set hiring procedures, appropriate training, supervising, and vetting staff. Ask to speak to the camp’s director and find out about screening procedures, background checks, and qualifications. The right camp will be happy to share staff qualifications.
  4. Camp Duration. Many camps today offer weekly as opposed to all summer long, and many have the option for day camps. Hours vary as well; it is important to plan especially for working parents as this might cause a change in routine. Being prepared is key to a smooth transition from the school routine to a stress free camp routine.
  5. Camp Tuition & Discounts. Keep your family’s budget in mind. Take advantage of early registration discounts. The right camp will cover things such as materials and a few treats along the way. Ask, what is included in the tuition… snacks, materials, etc. You will be pleasantly surprised at the frequency to which camps offer excellent discounts for groups, city employees, teachers, military families, siblings, etc.

Happy Camping Kiddos!

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