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5 Ways to Highlight STEM in Your Daily Routine

By April 9, 2019 No Comments

It’s an exciting time to be a kid, especially with the new wave of emphasis on the STEM fields and their power to quench our growing curiosity.

The eager minds of young generations have had the unique opportunity to explore the core principles in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics that have driven our world’s advances across the last few generations.

Although it may seem complicated or daunting, highlighting STEM in your daily routine doesn’t have to be rocket science! By encouraging your kids to dig deeper in understanding the STEM-related concepts that drive our daily lives, you will foster an unmatched passion for creativity, innovation, and problem solving.

When making baked goods, stacking groceries, cleaning up little spills and stains, and even simply riding in the car incredible scientific phenomena are at work behind the scenes.

Next time you’re …

BAKING: Think about how the ingredients in the batter for your baked goods undergo chemical change when heated. Chemical reactions catalyzed by heat are essential to crafting freshly baked breads, moist birthday cakes, and classic chocolate chip cookies!

DRIVING: Next time you’re stuck in traffic or navigating a lengthy commute with the kids, compare the different speeds, also known as velocities, of the different vehicles around you. Take your physics discussion to the next level by making predictions about the accelerations of different vehicles based on their size, shape/contour, and the driving terrain!

CLEANING: Turn clean-up time into a fascinating, seemingly-magical trick! Note the ability of different cleaning products to lift off stains and restore the brilliance of different surfaces. Even a simple load of laundry can only be successfully completed with the contributions of each field of STEM. For our science-backed tips and tricks, check out our recent blog post on how Chemistry Conquers Stubborn Stains.

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