Written by Nicole Batista

We all ask ourselves; how can we incorporate learning into play time? Kids have a never-ending amount of curiosity wich should be fueled by the games and toys they play with. It’s all about what we as parents provide for our kids to play with. We can all appreciate the value of supporting learning, but what are the real benefits of the right toys for kids? Here are some of the best benefits of exposing kids early on to science focused toys!

ENHANCE CREATIVITY: Toys such as chemistry & engineering kits, 3D models, blocks, robots and many others represent endless possibilities in creativity and critical thinking yet engage and entertain our kids for hours and hours. Kids must first picture what they would like to create before they even begin manipulating. There are no limits as to what a kid can create, build, and ultimately invent. Every time the toys come out means a new chance for your kids to create a new masterpiece of their own.

DEVELOPMENT OF HAND-EYE COORDINATION: Kids who play with engineering kits, blocks, tiles, and other toys learn early on the connection of what they are seeing and connect it to how they are moving setting up the ultimate environment for hand-eye coordination. This skill comes more naturally to kids who grow up playing with building toys.

PROMOTE LOGIC AND PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS: Many science toys are created to encourage kids to identify a problem and come up with a solution. Pieces must be arranged in a certain order or reactants must be combined in a certain way. By using science toys kids are given the chance to build on spatial and rotation skills. These toys are incredible for balancing logic with creativity in getting past the basics of the common toy and go above and beyond.

SUPPORT COLLABORATION: Science toys are team friendly toys. Kids learn how to communicate effectively and work together to build, experiment, and understand the process of working well with others. These toys provide kids the confidence to take the lead and put their ideas into action all while forming new friendships and building interpersonal skills.

THEY ARE FUN! Science toys are an opportunity for families and friends to sit, play and learn together. Bringing out new science toys brings this amazing field into the house and instills an early love in children. Along with this, kids learn how much fun science can be. Creations are built, taken apart and rebuilt, there are no rules or boundaries. Science toys offers endless possibilities to play imaginatively in an environment that is not just fun but productive, purposeful, and engaging.  The value of science toys is remarkable!

Here are a few of our favorites:




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