Written by: Tiffany Rodriguez

As Halloween approaches, we are all planning our costumes, decorating our homes, and getting the best sweets for this spooky holiday. With all of the fun and excitement that comes with the anticipation of trick-or-treating, we all want to have a safe night walking around the neighborhood and eating our delicious candy. Here are some tips to having a fun, yet safe Halloween night

  • Do no trick-or-treat alone. Make this time to invite family and friends to enjoy the night together! The more the merrier!
  • We are walking around the neighborhood with people driving, so make sure that you and your children are looking both ways when crossing the street
  • To ensure that cars see you and your group, you may want to apply reflective tape on their bags or incorporate it into the costumes
  • Avoid going to homes that are not well lit and do not have decorations put up.

As the trick-or-treating ends, we go home and just want to start endulging ourselves into our new treasures of candy. But before we eat our sweets, we have to control our sweet tooth and make sure that the food is safe to eat. Here are some tips on ensuring that the food we get is safe.

  • First sort your candy out at home in a well lit area to be able to carefully examine the candy
    Look for signs of tampering with the candy, this may include small holes or tears in the wrappers, and unwrapped food. So avoid eating any unwrapped treat, even if they look tempting
  • Avoid any homemade goods. The person may have a good heart it making homemade goods, but we never know what may be inside or if any ingredients contain something that you may be allergic to.
  • For younger children, avoid any candy that may cause a choking hazard. These may include gum, peanuts, and hard candies
  • Most importantly, whenever you have any doubt, even the slightest, throw it out!

Enjoy your spooky Halloween night, but remember these couple of tips to avoid anything dangerous to your night!

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