Our Approach

We are driven by aims to create an all-around positive environment where creativity abounds, cooperation is encouraged and exemplified and where kids participate in channeled purposeful activities, programs, and events. We are proud to promoting the joy of learning along as a catalyst for healthy and happy development. As families partake in the IKS experience, they are able to elevate their proficiency in the distinct fields of science while enjoying a positive, open environment.

The Atmosphere

Our team mindfully creates a unique, welcoming environment; whether our customers are celebrating a birthday party, staying for a camp day, or seeking the perfect gift for their child.

We believe in creating and maintaining a positive vibe where kids are encouraged to embrace curiosity and creativity through exploration. We strive to cultivate a unique atmosphere at each of our locations that breathes life into the unparalleled IKS experience. We strongly support the imagination and individuality of our future leaders and do so free of archaic gender prejudices; in effect, we’ve created a place where kids dive right into their big ideas through play with purposeful toys and our meaningful programs.

The IKS Curriculum

The main aim of the IKS curriculum is to promote the love and joy of learning science.  Complex science concepts are introduced, broken-down and paired with fun hands-on experiments. Play is used to successfully engage our kids in the process of learning. Ultimately, this makes exciting scientific phenomena more approachable, understandable, and enthralling!

It is a fact that children love to PLAY. The IKS curriculum is revolutionary in that its design derives from understanding that concept. The IKS strategy is to guide their play with highly enjoyable tasks and goals. We use the field of science as a vessel to, not only expose our children to science, but also to promote the development of strong social skills, collaboration, persistence, respect, and communication. The IKS curriculum is highly entertaining and engaging! The kids are motivated to constantly refine and improve their efforts, resulting in a self-motivated increase in their ability to learn and grow.

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