Modernizing Science Education

Designed for all kids to experience the joy of learning and succeed in Science!

 IKS Curriculum

  • Effectively connects with diverse learning styles and learners
  • Designed to inspire & excite kids to love learning & science

  • Develops key science skills, perseverance, logical/critical thinking skills and much more…
  • Designed for kids 4 to 11 years of age

  • Composed of highly entertaining, hands-on, and interactive labs
  • Research based & field tested
  • Encourages equity in the joy of learning science

Curriculum Design

  • Units promote and encourage experiencing the joy of learning, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork

  • Designed to engage and entertain kids with hands-on science
  • Explores all areas in science from biology, physics, environmental science, engineering, chemistry, and many more…

  • Group and independent activities, projects, and opportunities to explore abound as children delve into the wonders of science
  • Open-ended are a key part of the delivery of content. These questions help kids push their critical, creative, and analytical thinking skills while facilitating the interpretation of new scientific information

Curriculum Framework

  • Every unit uses a field of science as a unifying theme

  • Science is the perfect vessel to help develop important social and interpersonal skills such as; working in teams, problem solving, tolerance, positiveness, time management, communication, self-confidence among others

  • IKS units consist of breaking down complex concepts, scientific terminology, always accompanied by an experiment and/or activity which corresponds with the concepts. This is where the magic happens and where kids make the connection and their comprehension level reaches a new level

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