Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book my party?

Bookings can be made by phone or in person and are based on space and time availability. We prefer reservations be made at least 2 weeks in advance. A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your party. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, check or cash. To book a party, please use our online booking or please contact or visit your location of choice.

What should I expect on party day?

We have birthday parties down to a science! Our all-inclusive party package is designed to take the hassle out of party planning so you can relax and celebrate with your child.

The IKS experience will begin when you walk into our center and are greeted by our party hosts.  You and your guests will enjoy celebrating in our private Lab for 2 hours.

This will include experiments, music, pizza, water, cake time and other activities such as the optional opening of presents.

Everything is provided for this celebration! Your guests will be delighted and your birthday child will always remember this birthday!

Each party includes: 2hr. private and exclusive use of the lab which includes 45min-1hr of science experiments – 2 slices of pizza, 1 drink, and paper products for each scientist – Music – Set up and clean up – Attendants – Tablecloths – 2 banners

Do you provide an invitation?

For your convenience, a birthday invitation is sent to you at time of booking. You are encouraged to complete it with your party information and email it to your guests.

May I bring my own food?

Our parties are all-inclusive in terms of the children (participating scientists).  You may bring food for your adult guests and any other food item of choice. Please note you must also bring a cake. (No alcohol, please)

May I bring my own paper products for the kids?

Although our paper products are festive and in theme, you are more than welcome to use your own.  Please let us know in advance.

What if I have kids/siblings coming under the age of 3 years old?

Children under the age of three are free and not included in the headcount unless they are participating in the activities.  All children over the age of 3 will be counted as a participant. Please inform us if large numbers of children under 3 are attending (materials and staffing reasons).

 I need to cancel my party, now what?

Party deposits are non-refundable.  However, you can change your party date without penalty up to 3 days before your party.  If you reschedule your party within the 3 days of your party a $75 re-booking fee will apply.

When will I settle my bill?

The bill will be settled minimum 24 hours prior to your party. We will go through your final count and any add-ons at this time.  The deposit to reserve the party time will be deducted from the amount owed for the party.  If you have one or two unexpected guests arrive on the day of the party we will bill you on that day for those guests.

May I bring in my own balloons or goody bags?

Yes, you may.  But why go through the trouble?  You may order balloons from us.

Are there any items I may not bring?

No confetti or wall decorations, no outside entertainers without making those arrangements with us ahead of time.  No alcohol or special candles.

May parents drop off their kids?

Yes, kids may be dropped off for drop-off optional parties only but are in the care of host family, not I Know Science staff.

I was very happy with the lab instructor(s), may I give them a tip?

Although, there is no expectation nor an obligation to do so our lab instructors would feel flattered. Thank you.

What type of candles may I use on the birthday cake?

Traditional candles ONLY, please.  Any other type of candle will not be allowed for safety reasons.  Thank you.

Should I put an earlier time for my guests on the invite so they’re not late?

No, please do not put an earlier time other than your allotted time slot in which you are booked for.  We want you and your guests to feel welcome. We have birthday parties all day long and we may not be ready for your group if they show up at the wrong time.  No need to stress if everyone is not here right on time.  This is your time to socialize, take photos, etc while your guests arrive. The science experiments will begin once all or most of your guests have arrived. We have arrival calculated into our party duration.

Is the camp director accessible and on-site?

Most definitively, our camp directors are always on site. Safety and security are our number one priority.

I registered for a week but my child will be out a day or two, can he/she make up the days missed?

Of course.  Actually, When you register for a week it’s the same as buying 5 days worth of camp.  You may use those five days as you please throughout spring and summer.  You may choose to use them all at once or spread them out.

My child has a fever, is there a fever policy?

We have a 24hr. fever policy, which states a child must stay home until his or her fever is gone without medicine for 24hrs.

Are your instructors background checked?

Yes, all of our instructors are background checked. We take great pride in selecting our staff.  Most instructors are exemplary college & local high school scholars following a career in science.  By far the best role models for our kids!

My child is a bit shy will he/she be okay during camp?

Our groups are small and our kids get very close, they become great friends.  We foster a warm, friendly, respectful,  and fun environment for everyone.

Do you offer before or aftercare?

Yes, but you don’t need to decide whether you’ll need it until a few days before camp starts.

What is included in your price?

The cost of camp includes all materials & up to two snacks per day.

When is payment due?

Payment is due at the time of enrollment.

Is there a registration fee?

No! 🙂

My child has a peanut allergy, how do you handle allergies.

Every parent will complete a form prior to the start of camp week.  Should your child suffer from any allergy we will adjust our snack choices per your recommendations.  We are a peanut free center.

Can my child buy lunch at camp?

No, parents must provide lunch.

How is the day spent?

Our day is broken up into blocks.  Our busy scientists are engaged and having a great time from start to finish with interesting and cool experiments, super structures, Eco-innovation, maker-space, programming, engineering, robotics, mindful games, guided play, and so much more.

Does your camp work with a curriculum?

Yes, our project/inquiry-based curriculum is the guide all instructors utilize during camp.  The instructors elevate the curriculum with their outstanding delivery and the kids elevate it with their wonderful questions.

My child is attending all summer, will the program repeat week after week?

No. our comprehensive IKS curriculum offers up to 10 weeks of phenomenal activities which differ each week. However, every week offers a thorough look at science!

I want to register now and take advantage of the discounts but I don’t know what week (s) yet, it that a problem?

Not at all, we love that you are keeping up with our discounts.  Feel free to register and let us know your week(s) of choice no later than June 1.

Do I need to add tax to my total?

Yes, tax is charged.

Could you provide your tax id for tax purposes?

Most definitely. Simply email us at and we will provide you with our tax id information.

How are absences handled?

Cancellation Policy:

You must let us know, via email, at least a day before your child will be absent in order to be able to make up the day. No shows without prior written notice will not be allowed to make up the day(s).

You may make up your missed day(s) during any of our camp offering days/weeks throughout the summer.

For day off school camp absences, you will have 3 months to use any missed camp days just as long as the required notification process has been followed.

Make-ups are not transferable.

How do I register my child for a program?

Registration takes about 2 minutes.  Call the office at 954-239-8252 or stop by the center.

When is payment due?

Payment is due at time of registration.

Where do you get the curriculum?

I Know Science uses its own project-based curriculum for its hands-on STEM programs. The IKS curriculum is research based and field tested written by the I Know Science founder along with our team of science experts.

Does my child need to bring in any materials?

No, not at all.  All materials are provided.

Can my child enroll more than once?

Our curriculum is on-going.  We encourage kids to enroll repeatedly.  Our instructors plan according to each roster.  We don’t repeat labs unless it’s an absolute favorite or there is more to learn in a specific concept.  Only then will our instructors revisit an experiment or activity.

May I stay/drop off?

All of our programs are drop off.  You must come in and sign in/out your child.  Parents may wait on our benches outside or run a quick errand.

Who’s teaching the labs?

Our amazing team of lab instructors teach all IKS programs. They are the heart of our programs and one of the main reasons kids love coming to our events so much.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, by signing up to our VIP Club Membership (FREE).  You will receive information about all of our discounts.

Can my child bring a snack?

Of course. 🙂

My child is sick and missed a class can he make it up?

Yes, you may join us any time the following session. Parents can call as late as noon time the day of the lab their child will miss.  If you register for the next session then we will prorate your cost. Only one make-up class is allowed. No refunds or transfers for missed classes and/or no shows.

My kids are homeschooled is there a program for them during the day?

Yes, please call for more information.  (954-239-8252)

I just found out about your programs and would like to register my child but the session has begun, may I still register him/her?

Yes, we prorate.  The IKS curriculum is executed in a way that each week is stand alone in terms of concepts and activities.  You are welcomed to register at any point during the session.

I am a school principal, after school director, or teacher and I’m interested in bringing your program to our school, is that a possibility?

Yes, you have two ways you can bring the IKS experience to your school, you may purchase the IKS curriculum and execute the program with your own staff or you can have our team of instructors come out and execute the program at your school.

The IKS program is in many schools in the South Florida area and we couldn’t be happier to share the love of science and joy of learning with as many kids as we can.

Please call our office at 954.239.8252, to set up the I Know Science program at your school.