Our Company's Commitment to Sustainability

Mindfully striving to meet the triple bottom line

We are committed to exemplifying and inspiring sustainable action by cultivating an environmentally-conscious mindset. Hence, modernizing and elevating how we run our business with a positive and forward-thinking mindset is at the forefront of our decision making process.

Intently Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Positively impacting the communities we serve

From our behind-the-scenes business practices to our chats with the future generation of change-making scientists, our team has always valued and sought to exemplify the power and importance of environmental-consciousness. We aim to produce less solid waste, conserve power and water, minimize our consumption of single-use lab materials, and reduce our overall carbon footprint. Additionally, our eco-innovation curriculum component, positively, fosters intentional brainstorming to orient our scientists’ engineering to address current environmental crises.