Go Sharks! Tiffany is a graduate student at NOVA Southeastern University majoring in Anesthesiology. She obtained her B.S. degree in Biological Sciences from Florida International University. Tiffany, has always been very involved in her school and enjoyed being part of several honor societies and sorority life. She enjoyed the opportunity these organizations offered her to help the less privileged. She has frequently traveled abroad to work with Habitat for Humanity and has helped build homes and medical facilities in third world countries.

She loves working with kids! “I feel like my role in life is to help people in any way possible, which is the reason I wish to be a doctor and why I get involved in helping those in need. It is also the reason I love teaching the young intelligent minds about science.”




Go Canes! Natalia is a student at the University of Miami studying Ecosystem Science and Policy, Environmental Health, and Biochemistry.  She is a passionate advocate for conscious consumption, waste reduction, and conservation of biodiversity. In the near future, Natalia hopes her work will catalyze meaningful progress towards achieving our world’s Sustainable Development Goals!

“I have always loved science and am thrilled by the opportunity to share my passion with today’s young thinkers. I hope to express concepts in a positive and exciting way to feed their curiosity and eagerness to explore!”


Environmental Scientist


“Go Noles! Nicole graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelors in Child Development and Family Studies, with a minor in chemistry. In her undergrad she volunteered and did research with the Tallahassee community to improve access to resources for minority families in the city. Nicole is currently completing a graduate program in Biomedical Sciences from Florida International University.

“I have always loved working with children and helping them see that learning is fun and exciting. In the future, I hope to continue to Medical School to become a Pediatrician. I love science, working with children, and giving back to the community; so one day working as a Pediatrician seems like a perfect fit. I am excited to be a part of the I Know Science team and continue to help kids create a passion for learning. “




Go Panthers! Victoria is an incoming freshmen at Florida International University where she plans to peruse a degree in Chemical Engineering.  Victoria was a member of the Vex Robotics Competition team throughout her high school career at Archbishop McCarthy H.S. and successfully participated in many state championships and even qualified for the World Championship. As a student in McCarthy she’s was able to pursue her interests in science by taking AP Chemistry and AP Biology.

“I enjoy working with children and believe that children can do great things when surrounded by compassion and optimism.”


Chemical Engineer


Go Knights! Nicholas is an incoming freshmen at the University of Central Florida’s Honors College where he plans to follow a career in Computer Science. During his years at Archbishop McCarthy High School he was a member of his school’s VEX Robotics Competition team. His team’s accomplishments have taken them to two State Championships and the 2018 World Championship.

Nicholas has had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of individuals as both a youth leader and an Eagle Scout. Nicholas has been part of a leadership program geared towards welcoming and mentoring his school’s incoming freshman class. He is excited to share his enthusiasm for science.


Computer Scientist


Go Knights!  Alex is an incoming freshmen at the University of Central Florida and plans to major in Mechanical Engineering.

Alex was a member of his school’s competition VEX robotics team during his high school career at Archbishop McCarthy. Alex and his team made it to the state championship numerous times as well as qualified for the World Championship in 2017.


Mechanical Engineer


Go Knights! Alexia is a student at University of Central Florida. Alexia is an accomplished student and part of the university’s Honors College. She is enthusiastically pursuing a career in Forensic Science.

“I couldn’t imagine my life without science and my biggest joy is to share the beauty of it to little and big ones.”


Crime Scene Investigator


Blondine is a recent FIU graduate! She majored in dietetics & nutrition with a focus in nutritional science. Throughout her time at FIU she has been part of many organizations specially holding Alternative Breaks close to my heart. This organization allowed her to travel around the world tackling different social issues and creating unforgettable memories as well active citizenship. For this reason she enjoys helping others and spreading her knowledge of science any chance she gets.

“I couldn’t imagine my life without science and my biggest joy is to share the beauty of it to little and big ones.”




Currently a senior attending Archbishop McCarthy High School Varsha is a member of the school’s robotics team. Her team’s achievements include attending two States championships.

To pursue her career interests in science she is taking AP Chemistry, AP Biology and Anatomy Honors.

“ I hope I can share my passion for STEM with people and show them how it inspires me everyday to look at the world with a different perspective.”




Go Panthers! Laura graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor’s in Biological Sciences and Interdisciplinary studies. She volunteers at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital for Radio Lollipop, a program that provides comfort and play to inpatient children. She also provides STEM tutoring at Miami Date College West Campus. She is currently applying to obtain her masters in anesthesiology.

“There is never a dull moment when working with children. I love it because everybody has a different perspective on how to approach a problem, and watching kids develop their critical thinking skills is so rewarding, especially if you’re the one helping them”.

“ I hope I can share my passion for STEM with people and show them how it inspires me everyday to look at the world with a different perspective.”



Gabriela (Founder/Owner)

I want to share with you how IKS came about.  This original and fun multi-functional concept began as an idea for creating a space where kids could enjoy and explore, hands on, all fields in science but also a place to purchase the latest toys.

I Know Science is not just another space it’s an experience where kids (and parents too ;)) are warmly greeted and encouraged to THINK BIG and openly all the while exploring and playing with science.

The IKS brand is constantly evolving and growing! It’s our goal to ensure our kids maximize their own potential though purposeful programs and the right toys.  Our persistent aim at offering exceptional products, programs, and experiences is what drives us onward daily.

Our dynamic approach allows the multi-functional concept space to offer our customers the convenience of finding a multitude of services (birthday parties, science camp, after school labs, special events) and the latest toys all under one roof. We love and pride ourselves in creating unforgettable and positive experiences for our customers.

On a more personal note, I am the mother of two of the most amazing humans and have been happily married for 20+yrs.  After grad school and through my work experience I gained the skill-set needed to start my own business. However, motherhood gave me the clarity and boldness to create a business rooted on providing purposeful and positive experiences for kids and worthy options for parents. With a little luck and hard work for building a valuable and innovative business which would positively affect our community, I Know Science was launched in 2012.

Today, we are excited to continue sharing positive experiences and we look forward to making many more unforgettable memories with you our customers.

If you are interested in joining our IKS family and opening your own please feel free to fill out the franchise form and reach out to me directly,