Our team is composed of carefully selected and talented individuals.  Their impressive resumes and countless accomplishments are a glimpse of the gifts they share with our community and kids every day.

Meet the team!


IKS Team


Go Sharks! Tiffany is a graduate student at NOVA Southeastern University majoring in Anesthesiology. She obtained her B.S. degree in Biological Sciences from Florida International University. Tiffany, has always been very involved in her school and enjoyed being part of several honor societies and sorority life. She enjoyed the opportunity these organizations offered her to help the less privileged. She has frequently traveled abroad to work with Habitat for Humanity and has helped build homes and medical facilities in third world countries.

She loves working with kids! “I feel like my role in life is to help people in any way possible, which is the reason I wish to be a doctor and why I get involved in helping those in need. It is also the reason I love teaching the young intelligent minds about science.”




Go Canes! Natalia is a student at the University of Miami where she is majoring in Biochemistry. She balances involvement in school with a rigorous academic commitment. Natalia aspires to pursue a career that enables her to utilize her passion for the medical field to help others!

Natalia’s goal with IKS is to share her passion, knowledge, and experiences in the fields of science to make concepts more exciting and applicable. “I have always loved science and am thrilled by the opportunity to share my passion with today’s young thinkers. I hope to express concepts in a positive and exciting way to feed their curiosity and eagerness to explore!”


Trauma Surgeon


Currently attending Archbishop McCarthy High school Victoria is a member of the Vex Robotics Competition team. Through the years in the team she has successfully participated in many state championships and even qualified for the World Championship.

As a student in McCarthy she’s been able to pursue her interests in science by taking AP Chemistry and AP Biology.

“I enjoy working with children and believe that children can do great things when surrounded by compassion and optimism.”


Chemical Engineer


Nicholas Estenoz is a high school student at Archbishop McCarthy High School and is currently a member of his school’s VEX Robotics Competition team.His team’s accomplishments have taken them to two State Championships and the 2018 World Championship.

Nicholas has had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of individuals as both a youth leader and an Eagle Scout. For two years, Nicholas has been part of a leadership program geared towards welcoming and mentoring his school’s incoming freshman class. He is excited to share his enthusiasm for science.


Computer Scientist


Currently a student at Archbishop McCarthy High School, Alex is a member of his school’s competition VEX robotics team. His team has made it to the state championship numerous times as well as qualified for the World Championship in 2017.

As a student, Alex has been able to pursue his interests in engineering through various clubs and courses offered by Archbishop McCarthy.


Mechanical Engineer


Go Gators! Shania is a recent graduate from the University of Florida where she obtained her B.S. degree in Biology and a minor in Disabilities in Society. While at school, she was heavily involved with her academics and enjoyed being a part of performing art clubs and volunteering with nonprofit organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club. She hopes to become a pediatric nurse practitioner and help end health disparities across racial, ethnic, and socio-economic groups.

Shania is thrilled to be a part of the IKS team! “I love working with children and their natural curiosity to learn new things. I’m looking forward to making science fun and exciting for our little scientist.”


Pediatric Nurse Practicioner



The Launch:  IKS was inspired by a clear understanding for the importance of high-quality science education and its positive benefits and effects on our kids. As a forward-thinking leader in education I believe we hold the highest potential for creating pivotal shifts in the education of our kids and community. Creating a more educated community is the responsibility of all its members not solely the school systems. Hence, increasing and collaborating in effective multi-sector partnerships offers the solutions to critical educational gaps and systemic problems.

I decided to create a new approach in my contribution, via the private sector,  to better tackle the main issue of raising a better educated community. The IKS approach centers around being innovative, fun and engaging. We’ve successfully connected with kids and parents in a new level. Our approach ensures kids experience the joy in learning through science, deliberately challenging and breaking away from the standard methods for providing education.

Background: After grad school and through my work experience I gained the skill-set needed to start my own business. With perseverance and clarity for building a valuable business which would positively affect our community, I Know Science was created.

The Business:  IKS was created in an effort to provide ample opportunities where kids have pointed and enjoyable experiences with valuable takeaways helping them grow, develop indispensable skills, and an open mind. Furthermore, the business offers parents real solutions to finding quality services and products, a place they love to bring their kids and where they’re warmly greeted every time.

We throw the most fun and exclusive Chemistry Birthday Parties and offer a plethora of science programs, in-house and off-site. Our specialized toy store is the perfect extension of everything we offer kids, a means to freely explore today and innovate tomorrow. Our modern toy store incites the imagination and individuality of kids, free of gender prejudices and old-fashioned pink and blue labels. Our kid customers are encouraged to be inventive and explore through play!

Results:  The IKS impact is exceptionally positive for kids’ development and self-esteem and desirable in our communities. With that mindset, we have developed and created a place where kids come to play with science, purchase the latest toys, and walk away feeling great about themselves.

IKS’ Future:  We proudly and excitedly stand at the forefront for what an innovative business in this industry should exemplify. We look forward to the future growth and expansion of the I Know Science brand. Today, my drive intensifies seeing the impact our business is making in the lives we are fortunate to reach.