In response to the public health and safety guidelines that have been issued by experts in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person summer camp for summer 2020 has been cancelled. Alternatively, we are offering everything you need to explore science remotely in our “Camp in a Box.”

Each box is loaded with resources to ensure your budding innovator is able to successfully enjoy the theme of their choice:

→ Ecology and Sustainability

→ Physics

→ Chemistry

→ Engineering

→ Creative Arts

→ Mystery Box

The 5 included activities and associated guidelines have been modeled from the IKS curriculum and our award-winning science programs. Contents are best fit for innovators 5-10 years old.

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Each box contains one reusable white lab coat for your scientist; sure to bring their innovative aspirations to life before your eyes … and keep any messy action off their clothes!
Junior scientists and their parent lab techs will receive simple guidelines to execute 5 different activities, learn more about the associated real-world concepts, and stay 100% safe while having a blast.
Remote campers will be fully equipped with all necessary materials to follow the instructions for 5 themed activities in accordance with the provided guidelines.

Hover over the pulsing icons to read about what’s included in each “Camp in a Box” package! Please allow 10 days to process your order.