Before IKS at School

Science may feel somewhat overwhelming and a daunting task, not to mention costly. The existing science program is good and kids are learning but it’s not ideal and there’s plenty of room for improvement.  

With IKS

IKS will customize a science program based on your school’s goals and needs, ensuring a path where kids reach new heights in science learning while elevating your staff morale and existing science program. 

Raising standards. Modernizing the process while succeeding in the strategy & execution!

We inspire kids to love science

IKS provides you a customized science program based on your school’s goals and needs. From professional development with a focus on classroom innovation to NGSS aligned in-school labs during or after school hours and/or themed field trips, to full access of the IKS Curriculum.

We will build a partnership ensuring kids reach new heights in science learning and support your school in bringing its program to the 21st century!

Professional Development

  • Enhancing the Science Learning Experience
  • Flexibility in the Classroom
  • The 5 A’s of Lesson Planning
  • The Comfort Zone-Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
  • Challenges & Managing Stress
  • Team Building/Staff Morale 
  • Modernizing Science Learning
  • Connecting Standards with Innovation/Growth
  • Student Centered Science Learning
  • Innovation in the Classroom
  • On-Going Support
  • Available for US cities only
  • Must book 3 wks. in advance


  • Expose Kids to All Areas in Science
  • Advance Science Learning
  • Innovate & Elevate Your School’s Existing Science Program
  • Enhance Scientific Skills & Knowledge
  • Improve Staff Morale
  • Offer Parents Another Reason to LOVE Your School   

Outreach Options

  • IKS Curriculum Access
  • Professional Development
  • After School Labs
  • During School Hours Lab
  • Field Trips
  • Science Nights
  • School Support

STEM jobs have a projected growth increase of 13% between 2017-2027


When we allow our bodies to become part of the learning process through hands-on activiities, retention increases to 75% vs. 20% from passive leaarning


Out of 100% STEM occupations 93% had wages over national average


Only 36% of high school grads are ready for college-level science courses


74% of middle school girls express an interest in engineering, science, and math


Modernizing delivery with a progressive system

At IKS, we understand kids learn best through having an active role in learning. Hence, all IKS programs are executed with maximum hands-on experiences to optimize engagement, retention and understanding of complex scientific concepts.

IKS is at the forefront of educational practices ensuring kids enjoy the learning process. We are succesful in engaging kids to higher-level thinking and problem solving by creating a friendly, fun, non-threatening and stimulating environment conducive for proper development and optimal comprehension. 

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