Brainy Toy Club: 3-5yrs.

$34.99 per 1 month

Brainy toys for 3 to 4 year olds are specially selected by our IKS toy specialists to introduce essential concepts related to science, engineering, counting, building, and cause and effect.

Our brainy toy selection is fun and engaging, supporting our littles reach important milestones in key developmental areas such as speech and language advancement, evolving fine motor skills, and maturing cognitive and social abilities.

What is Brainy Toy Club?

The Brainy Toy Club is a program that delivers exclusively selected toys to your child. You will have the choice of one of three options; monthly, bi-monthly, or every three months. Our IKS toy specialists will box and ship out a high-quality and age appropriate toy that will captivate and engage your child to joyfully learn important skills through play. The Brainy Toy Club offers FREE SHIPPING and costs $34.99/box.

About Brainy Toy Club

Brainy Toy Club toys vary each month to include an array of concepts and varied experiences for your kids. The Brainy Toy Club offers FREE SHIPPING and costs $34.99/box. Your club subscription begins upon signing-up and will renew automatically based upon your selection (monthly, bi-monthly or every three months.) You may cancel at any time by sending a written request to