K’Nex – Imagine – Imagination Makers


Set contains 382 classic K’NEX pieces to build 50 unique models.

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Let your child explore real-life activities and have fun while learning with the Imagination Makers 50 Model Building Set from K’NEX. Bring back the joy of playing without the use of digital screens with this building set that will keep your child engaged! The K’NEX Imagination Makers 50 Model Building Set contains 382 classic connectors, rods, and wheels in bright, attractive colors that will catch your child’s attention and bring more excitement and life to your child’s creations! The pieces click together in a multitude of ways for configurations that simulate 3D objects, letting your young one experiment and craft any model she can imagine! K’NEX offers a hassle-free cleanup with the handy storage tub that comes with this building set. The plastic container allows you to conveniently store your child’s models and the loose pieces, so you can bring it with you on family trips! Each kit also comes with an easy-to-follow instruction sheet that will guide your child to building different kinds of models. Let your children create structures that will bring their imaginings to life! Promote the development of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) concepts by igniting your children’s natural curiosity and creativity. Building with K’NEX puts children on the path to a fundamental understanding of STEAM subjects.