Secret Messages


Communicate through secret messages and go on “missions” just like real spies


Scientific Explorer Secret Messages Mini Lab will teach your child and a friend how to communicate through secret messages and go on “missions” just like real spies. Cryptography is the procedure of making and using secret writing through codes or ciphers. Cryptography is no longer as simple as wrapping your message around a stick. Given sufficient resources, almost any code or cipher can be cracked. The Scientific Explorer Secret Messages kit explains how to create and discover cryptic messages, so you can communicate with your friends without others discovering your secrets. Through 18 different missions, your child will learn how to use invisible ink, The Caesar Cipher, Keyboard Cipher, Telephone Cipher, Cipher wheels, the Polybius Checkerboard, Braille, basic code breaking tools and more. The step-by-step instruction booklets make it easy to start and finish these activities. This Secret Messages Mini Lab is educational and will keep your child busy for hours of adventurous fun. This kit includes 2 tubes, 4 red caps, 2 markers, 4 crayons, red plastic, 2 fasteners, 8 cipher wheels, 2 cipher cards and 2 manuals. Some activities require common household items that are not included. Recommended for children 8-years of age and older.